3/4 match Søgaard Antique carombilliard
3/4 match Søgaard Antique carombilliard
Elegant carombilliard in antique style and exclusive design for the discerning billiardplayer. Available in the sizes 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 match.
Made in Denmark.

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This 3/4 match Søgaard Antique carombilliard is one of the most exclusive billiards on the market. The quality is unique and the craftsmanship extremely high. The price is excl. delivery costs, installation costs and accessories. Available in the sizes 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4 match. Note - the 3/4 match size comes with 6 legs and not as illustrated on the picture 4 legs.

Exclusive and exotic wood
This 3/4 match Søgaard Antique caromtable is made with a cushionframe in specially selected solid dart bubinga mahogany with pedestals and frame also in dark bubinga veneer. The table is made with 6 carved legs in solid mahogany with 6 adjustable levelling screw that allows accurate levelling of the table. Very good danish quality produced in our danish factory.

Same quality as our tournament tables
Even if this 3/4 match Søgaard Antique carombilliard is not approved for tournament - it has some of the same features like 3-pcs. diamond honed Italian slate fitted to the frame with vertical bolts and also integrated diamondsystem in the cushionsframe that is fitted to the slate with vertical bolts for maximum stability and performance.

Choose the colour of your cloth
3/4 match Søgaard Antique caromtable comes with the best billiardcloth on the market approved for tournament - Simonis S-300 cloth. The cloth is available in several colours giving you the opportunity to choose your own cloth colour. See cloth colours.

Optimize your billiardtable
By purchasing a coverplate made specially for the 3/4 match Søgaard Antique billiard - you can easily and quick transform your billiard into a diningtable. Another option is the tabletennis plates that allows you to play tabletennis on your billiard.

Professional installation or do it yourself
The delivery and installation of the billiardtable is not included in the price - and has to be calculated uniquely for each case. Call us at +45 70 13 13 33 to hear more about prices for installation and delivery. Read more about installation

Installation - foreign customers
It might be possible to arrange that Søren Søgaard A/S will do the installation even for foreign customer - this depends on the destination. For cases where we are not able to perform the installation - we have a wide cooperation with other billiardinstallers to help you install our tables locally.

If you want to try the installation yourself - you will find an assembly instruction below.

The finished caromtable is not a stocked item - but is produced to order which is why the deliverydate is longer than normal.


Solid Bubinga mahogany.

P79 nature rubber.

6 adjustable levellers.

3-pcs. 25 mm.

450 kg.

Outer meassures:
155 x 282 cm.

407 x 534 cm