314-3 tip from Predator
314-3 tip from Predator
It has arrived - the new revolutionary Predator 314-3 tip.
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Latest new from Predator - this delicious 3rd generation 314-3 tip, where they - yet again have succeded in changing the formula and create a fantastic tip.

The Predator 314-3 tip gives you even more ball-control and reduction of fluctuations in the tip than the 314-2 did.

Fits all cues with Original Uni-Loc® Quick Release thread.

Predator 314-3 Tip for other cue brands
Du you wish to have a Preadtor 314-3 tip for your existing cue of a different brand - this is now possible. Give us a call on +45 7013 1333 and inquire about price and delivery times.

Pat: Predator Victory Medium.
Tip diameter: 12,75 mm.