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1/1 match Super Royal carombilliard

This Super Royal caromtable is our very best - an absolute stunning table approved for tournament with UMB and CEB specifications.
Made in Denmark. 10011
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This Super Royal caromtable is our very best - an absolute stunning table approved for tournament.
Uniquely produced to order with unique serialnumber. Made in Denmark.

Exclusive cushionframe
The entire cushionframe is made of the finest solid american walnut topped of with an exclusive laquer for long-lasting appearance. The Super Royal caromtables cushionframe also has integrated diamondsystem. For silent and stabil play the cushionframe is fitted to the slate with vertical bolts.

Solid construction
The entire construction of the Super Royal caromtable is extremely solid with powder coated iron beams and pedestals that allows the weight of the table to be divided over a larger area for stability and for the sake of the carpet or floor beneath.

Tournament features
Last but not least the Super Royal caromtable has the most advanced tournament features on the market: 19 adjustable screws are placed under the slate on steelbeams. Top quality 3-pcs. 50 mm diamond honed Italian slate fitted to the frame with vertical bolts. Thermostat heating system, 220 or 110 V, with 2 digit digital control.

Cloth of your choice
Choose between Simonis 300 Rapid or Granito A cloth in several colours - both UMB/CEB approved tournament cloth, with extra fine threads for high-speed play. Combed worsted wool for long-lasting wear. See cloth colours.

Approved for tournament - with DDBU, UMB and CEB specifications.

Installation - foreign customers
It might be possible to arrange that Søren Søgaard A/S will do the installation even for foreign customer - this depends on the destination. For cases where we are not able to perform the installation - we have a wide cooperation with other billiardinstallers to help you install our tables locally.

If you want to try the installation yourself - you will find an assembly instruction below.

The finished caromtable is not a stocked item - but is produced to order which is why the deliverydate is longer than normal.

Rails: American Walnut.
P37 nature rubber - choose between Artemis, Kléber or Vector.
31 justérbare bolte.
3-pcs 50 mm & heating.
1349 kg.
Outer measurement:
168 x 310 cm.
Recommended roomsize:
442 x 584 cm

Download assembly instruction