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S�ren S�gaard - founder of the company




"With power comes duty"


For those  who still remember S�ren S�gaard as one of the best billiard players in Denmark through decades, this motto might recall a picture of a charming, fast and splended player, who swept the audience of their feet. In his billiard carrier he won 7 Danish Championships in 3 Cushion carom and 22 Danish Championships in skittlebilliard.


In 1955 S�ren S�gaard started buying old billiard tables and renovate them for sale. He soon realized that with the high demand for billiard tables and the limited selection there was a market. He combined his experience and talent as a billiardplayer and started producing his own tables.


The success was big - and in 1970 he bought P.O. Pedersen billiard factory which, at that time, was the biggest and oldest manufactur in Denmark, founded in 1887. Later on he also bought: Donnerup Andersen in 1975, Bent Johansen in 1980, 3B Billiard in 1984, Blok Dart in 1992 and Sole Billiard in 2005. Gathering S�ren S�gaard�s philosophy of life and a little bit of luck - he succeded in creating a healthy and worldknown company in a period of 50 years.
S�ren S�gaard A/S is the largest manufacturer of billiards in all Scandinavia.


We find that the constant demands for higher quality is a challenge - therefore the name and product of S�ren S�gaard is well known all over the world for its similarity to quality. Thousands of S�ren S�gaard billiard tables are used every day in countries like Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Czechy, Greece, Russia, Egypt, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Korea and Japan.


To imagine all the delightfull hours everyone from beginners to professionals have used by the tables through the years is incomprehensible. And the thought of all the hours to come in the future makes it all worth while.


Even though billiards are the foundation of our assortment we have enlarged our assortment through the years with articles like darts, petanque, tabletennis, airhockey and soccer tables.