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Below you will find practical instructions and other valuable information.



Discontinued models
This is a list of all our S�ren S�gaard manufactored discontinued billiardtables. A very good tool if you are thinking of buying or selling your S�ren S�gaard billiardtable or if you just want to know more about your billiardtable.


  Game rules
A library of game rules within the different games we have in our assortment example carombilliard, poolbilliard, darts, shuffleboard , table tennis etc. All ready to download or print.


A very good toolbox with good and practical advise on how to exchange our cuetip, how to maintain you soccertable, guide to install you billiardlamp, guide on how to maintain you billiardcloth etc.


  User manual
Usable user manuals for our electronic dartboards, that describes on how to programm the boards and gives you some few advises on how to maintain your dartboard. Not all manuals are available in english.


  Assembly instructions
A list of our assembly instructions for some of our billiardtables, soccertables and table tennistables. All ready to download or print. Not all instructions are available in english.